Overview of Projects

We create three different sorts of new items on the website, all of them use the Divi post-type Project

The three items are:

  1. Thinking
  2. Projects
  3. People behind the projects 

Use Project Categories to get the individual Projects created to appear on different pages on the website. There are 9 categories:

  1. Installation & Events (Installation and Event Design & Delivery)
  2. Thinking
  3. Response Services (Development (Response) Services)
  4. Products 
  5. Placemaking Strategy (Placemaking Strategy & Programme Design)
  6. Place Analysis (Place Analysis)
  7. Place Activation (Place Activation & Management)
  8. People Behind the Projects
  9. Keynotes (Keynotes, Workshops & Mentorship)

Portfolio Module

    Projects appear on the relevant page through the use of a module called Portfolio. For example the Portfolio module below appears on the Gap Filler People page to display People Behind the Projects.



    Product and Services

    All categories of Projects appear on Portfolio page


    Products at the bottom of the Products and Services are handcrafted blurbs, they are not displayed using a Portfolio module.


    Each Service is assigned one or more Categories (see above). This means they appear:


    To Create a New Project

    • Click on Project

    • Click on Add New in either the sidebar or in the area above the Project list.

    • Click on Use Divi Builder
    • Click on Choose a Premade layout -> Browse Layouts
    • Make sure you give this page time to fully load then..
    • Select Load from Library -> Your Saved Layouts tab



    There are four layouts, choose the correct one for your Project

    1. Project: People Behind the Projects
    2. Project (product): Template with product icon
    3. Project: Short Template
    4. Project: Thinking Layout 
    • Give your Project a title
    • Change the Url from ‘auto-draft’ to ‘project-short-name’
    • Select a Category or Categories


    • Add a Featured Image (700 x 300)
    • Publish when you are ready





    Images – the right sizing

    The size of images on our website depends on where they are being sited.

    1) Featured images (i.e. at th top of the page) so that they present well at 1080x600px. 

    2) Module images, i.e. image alongside text. These need to be 520 wide x 380 high. If your images are too long, ie. portfolio, then they may need cropping. This CAN be done in the back end of WordPress (i.e. Edit image in the media gallery) but if you don’t save and reload pages it can sometimes not work. Best way is to resize the images on your computer using Photoshop or Preview. Picsio should allow you to do it too.

    3) Gallery. A gallery is a module you can add in the grey section within a row. Just select Gallery from the dropdown menu of things (text, testimonial, video etc). Then upload your images. Gallery conveniently resizes your images to be all the same size. YAY!





    1) ALIGNMENT ISSUES of a graphic/image within a ROW

    In the Design setting (in the purple header section), SPACING, then Margin. Play around with adding or subtracting here to get things to move. You should be able to see it moving on the website itself.