On this page we share some of our own writing and articles by others that we think contribute to our field of placemaking. We feel this is important to foster learning, growth and reflection. Placemaking is a term that’s starting to gain greater awareness around the world. Gap Filler has been doing this work for almost ten years now and in the early days we didn’t use this term at all. Have a read and get in touch if you’ve got any thoughts.

The Waitematā is my Sea – Frith Walker

Frith Walker is one of our colleagues in Aotearoa, New Zealand. She works for Panuku Development Auckland as Manager of Place Making and is a legend, nice person and hard worker who feels honoured to do the work she does.

Desire for the Gap - Ryan Reynolds

For more than three years now, Christchurch has been a city completely in transition, almost without a present tense. It is a post city, the remains of the complicated, contradictory, post-colonial place it once was, with a centre that is 70 per cent destroyed and sparsely populated. It is also, now, a pre city, with three years’ worth of plans, consultation, ideas and designs that exist mainly as a massive set of aspirations yet to be enacted.