Keynotes, Workshops & Mentorship

We enjoy sharing our work and learning more about yours. We are able to translate our experience into many disciplinary frameworks, with keynotes and workshops on a wide range of topics.

Keynotes & Workshops 

Gap Filler’s work has applications across many fields and disciplines. We are used to adapting the work we do to a range of audiences and formats. We have worked in the following fields: Architecture, Art, Collaboration, Creative Process, Design, Education, Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Leadership, Public Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Philosophy, Placemaking, Planning, Political Science, Resource Management, Sociology, Sociometry, Performing Arts and more. 

We have given keynotes in eight countries, and are skilled at adapting the language and presentation to suit academic, corporate, community, government or other contexts. We run placemaking workshops for and with local governments, development agencies, community groups and business associations. We mentor community groups, artists and startup placemaking groups (both government-led and independent).

Got an idea for a conference, workshop, short-course, staff training day? Get in touch and discuss how we could approach it together.


Over the years that we have been doing our work, we have come to realise that mentorship is something that can truly help a placemaking or creative project to succeed. Mentorship also supports the up-skilling and professional development of those involved in a particular project to ensure that future projects they apply themselves to are richer, easier and more considered. Much of our mentorship is conducted by co-founders Dr Ryan Reynolds or Coralie Winn.

Ryan has mentored artists, council workers, design teams and more in direct and indirect ways. Ryan is academically trained and adapts his approach to who he is working with and what they require. He is especially skilled at enabling those being mentored to reach their own conclusions rather than being overly didactic.

Coralie has a wealth of experience across a range of projects from installations to events to public space creation. As Gap Filler’s first Director she understands the challenges associated with getting things going and then sustaining them over the long-term. She is skilled at supporting communities to make the most of what they have, catalysing energy and supporting things to come to life.

Case Study: Sunshine Coast Place2Play

Sunshine Coast Council in Queensland, Australia initiated a new creative placemaking programme with a project called Place2Play. They selected a dozen artists to deliver public placemaking works in the town of Caloundra, many of whom had never previously worked in the public realm or with communities. Gap Filler ran an initial (online) 4-hour workshop with the artists, and had one-on-one follow up sessions with each artist throughout the development process. The artists involved found Ryan’s support invaluable in pushing for better outcomes and supporting them to see things in new and different ways which was useful to the artists for this project and for their own practice longer-term. 

“Thank you again for today’s session. It was relevant, thoughtful, generous and insightful. The crew of artists are inspired, challenged, asking new questions and keen to explore what this project brings! We are very grateful. A great point on the continuum…. thanks again.”

Megan Rowland

Team Leader Creative Development, Creative Arts, Sunshine Coast City Council, Australia