Development (Response) Services

There’s a lot we can do to help developments that are currently being designed or constructed. Work with us to ensure that your development, whatever you may be doing, gets the community on board and involved before you break ground supporting better outcomes for all.

Development (Response) Services

We understand the planning and resource that goes into developments, horizontal or vertical in the public or private realm.

There’s a lot we can do to help developments that are currently being designed or constructed, from low-cost short-term tactical urbanism experiments to inform the design; to interventions, events and out-of-the-box ideas to help keep local businesses open and people happy throughout the construction period; to proactive activations to grow positive association with the development and/or brand.

a. Disruption mitigation. A range of strategies and tactics to lessen the impact of your development on the area and its communities. 

b. Tactical urbanism. Short-term trials of various interventions relevant to the development and the area. Involve stakeholders and the community, collect data from lived experiences and incorporate this into permanent changes.

c. Design team liaison. Translating community wants and needs into the development design. Sometimes overlooked, this role can be integral to the success of a development. We are highly skilled and experienced in this role. It can make all the difference! 

d. PR-in-action. More than just signage! We are able to create bespoke solutions to your development to communicate what’s happening, when and why to foster positive community interactions and lead to a more successful development process for all. 

    Case Study: Placemaking at One Central

    Fletcher Living is the developer charged with the delivery of housing for around 2000 people in the central city of Christchurch to boost the inner-city population post-quake. In 2015 Fletcher Living engaged us to create a placemaking strategy for the One Central development. We were then asked to deliver upon this strategy. The aim was to bring life to the vacant lots awaiting development to help enliven the area, draw people to it and create a sense of an emerging neighbourhood. This ultimately would support the appeal of this part of the city as a place to come and live. This is a huge development response. Our Placemaking at One Central programme has spanned five years and includes installations such as pump tracks, play areas and art spaces, managed spaces (a food truck eatery, a youth space and a large event space) and two community carparks employing locals and generating income for the programme. Read more by clinking on Placemaking One Central below.

    Case Study: Federal Street Stage 3 & 4 Concept Design

    In Auckland in 2019, we led an early engagement process with local businesses, residents and other key stakeholders on the inner-city streetscape upgrade to Federal Street, to help the street function better for its neighbourhood and to preempt any potential negativity. This led to us creating some tactical urbanism concepts and working with the main contractor and design team to identify spaces and a methodology for our tactical experiments to inform the future design.