Place Activation & Management

Make your places work better for your communities through considered, connected activation

Bringing spaces to life

Is your public space not working for your community? Does it have as yet unrealised potential? Need help making a space a place and bringing it to life? We can help. 

We can oversee the activation of a place and the day-to-day management and coordination of assets and people to achieve community connection, vibrancy and a sense of place. The key things that we can deliver are:

  1. Delivery of programmes
  2. Maintenance and operations
  3. Supply chain creation & management (local/social procurement)

This service often goes hand in hand with our Placemaking Strategy & Programme Design.  

People have often asked me: “How successful do you think it is” or “how do you measure it?”

I suppose the easiest ways for me to measure it is to go down to one of the project sites and look at the smiles, particularly at the Youth Hub. People are there at midnight, at midday playing basketball The smiles on the faces say it all.

Mark Doyle

Fletcher Living

Case Study: Placemaking at One Central

Since May 2017, we have been delivering a major ongoing programme of installations, community amenities and events for Fletcher Living’s One Central neighbourhood in central Christchurch, a six-block inner-city residential precinct undergoing design and construction of around 940 homes. This enormous programme has included one-off events from free kids’ football workshops during the school holidays, to month-long carnivals and circuses, to major events like a Fatboy Slim concert; we’ve created a wide range of installations including a Hammock Forest, Detour, the 150m-long asphalt pump track, 6m-high spray can sculptures, a living willow shelter, a dedicated Slacklining Park, and more; and a range of ongoing community businesses such as a Tool Lendery, Youth Hub, Food Truck Collective and Heritage Mini Golf course.