Kids Can Upcycle

October 2016 – December 2016

Sunday afternoon live music at the Pallet Pavilion. Photo courtesy of Glen Jansen

Kids Can Upcycle was a kinetic sculpture in the city.

For the 2016 Festival of Transitional Architecture (FESTA), we ran a workshop at The Commons called KIDS CAN UPCYCLE. Picking up on the FESTA’s theme – We have the means – our workshop involved using recycled materials to make the components for the final kinetic installation. We used 200 recycled paint cans, recycled paint, recycled rebar from the Pallet Pavilion (a former Gap Filler project) and recycled wood to make the final sculpture.

During the workshop, kids drew their ideas and hopes for the rebuilding city onto the paint cans, then threaded them onto the metal rods. These were the components of the larger installation you can see in the images.

It was a kinetic sculpture. You could spin the cans to create all sorts of shapes and patterns. We encouraged members of the public to check it out, have a play, take photos of what they made and post them online. #kidscanupcycle #gapfillerchch

  • Most buildings in Christchurch have been given a lick of paint since the earthquakes.
  • Over six litres of household paint is purchased per person per year in New Zealand.
  • In Christchurch alone, 270,000 litres of waste paint has been collected and stored for future use by paint recycling programmes.

Do you have excess paint in your garage that could be recycled? If so, take it to a Resene PaintWISE collection centre.

Project Details

Dates: October 2016 Рmid December 2016
Skills: Recycling, collaboration with FESTA, interactive workshop with children
Supported by: 3R, PaintWise, Life in Vacant Spaces and FESTA.
Location: across the road from the Margaret Mahy playground, cnr Manchester and Armagh Streets.

Tips for minimising paint waste:

  • Buy only the paint you need
  • Use up all of your paint
  • Store paint so it lasts for years
  • Recycle the empty paint can
  • Donate excess paint to charity