Jim Goodwin

Woodworker extraordinaire. He makes stuff, he grows stuff, he likes people. Jim lent a hand to the carving of our Ayo Ayo for the DiversCity project. 

Meet Jim Goodwin

Can you tell me who you are, what you do and give us an interesting fact about you? 
Nurse. Woodworker extraordinaire. I make stuff, I grow stuff, I like people. I was born the same day British families were evacuated from the canal zone in 1956.

Can you explain why you got involved with the DiversCity: Mancala project? 
Simon asked me. I said yes and it sounded fun.

What surprised you most about the Diverscity: Mancala project?
Oddly, how easy it has been. Especially with the Ukranian gouge. I was suprised the wood carved as easily as it did. 

What have been the benefits to you? 
I’ve enjoyed the socialising and giving people a go carving the wood. 

Would you do anything differently next time? 
I have more idea about the time involved now. It’s not been technically difficult it’s just been very time-consuming.

What’s your favourite thing about Christchurch right now? 
The regulations seem a bit looser. There seems to be an idea that people can try new things. I dwell on the edge and like alternative things like tiny houses and stuff.

If you could see anything happen in this city – what would it be?
Growing more food.

Any feedback you’d like to give Gap Filler? 
In general, keep it up. I really liked that there was genuine interest from the whole.  I would love to be involved with another project.