Detour snake run

A very bumpy, sculpted ride to help you playfully cut a corner on Manchester Street, city. For wheels of all kinds, so skate, scoot, ride, roll and enjoy! Designed to give commuters a happy burst and to create hours of fun for kids of all ages.

Roll with it!

An alternative path for commuters to travel along different terrain. To mix up their normally flat route around the city we’ve created a fun, exciting and playful detour from the linear pathway running through Rauora Park. Designed for all wheels and age of rider, the asphalted route is made up of several sections of exciting bumps, banked turns and curves suitable for bikes and wheeled contraptions of all sizes.

Alongside the Detour track you can also find our #chchswing project for all sorts of swinging fun. Learn more about #chchswing here. Along with the addition of picnic tables and little, loopy tracks, close proximity to Rauora Park, Margaret maybe playground and a basketball court, this part of the city is wonderful for families to enjoy. 

Sculpting the track

This project was a lot of fun to deliver. Working with Cam Bisset from D&E Track & Trail, an experienced track builder, we worked to the brief to create a track that flowed perfectly around the corner of the site. With three difererently coloured trails for differetn skill levels, the track appeals to tiny tots to teenagers to adults. Our aim with the project was to entice people to take a slight detour on their way to bring a smile and a sense of play to their commute. it has cetainly done this. The appeal of this project to families and children has far surpassed our expectations too. On sunny weekends the track is bursting with people enjoying the rolling track, challening themselves and generally being active in the outdoors. 

Who, what, where, when

Date: 2018 – present

Locations:  Manchester/Gloucester Street corner

Client/Funder: Fletcher Living

Key people: Cam Bisset, Phil Emery

Values: Leadership, Creativity

Support/Sponsors: D & E Track & Trail, Te Whare Roimata

When I heard about Detour opening up I was super, super excited. It’s so much fun. It’s been done super well, like it’s awesome having different routes marked out and great seeing a huge variety of groups using it. It’s less intimidating than going to a classic skate park. It’s just on your way through, like if I’m passing through the city I can easily just make the detour.


Elissa Mah

Competitive long boarder