A set of large orange frames containing three swings, the longest of which goes to 3m high. The frames line up at a certain vantage point to frame those on the swings, making it ideal for sharing on social media.

Designed with young people in mind

The #chchswing project was developed by Gap Filler in conversation with young people from a number of youth organisations. From youth engagement that was happening in the city, we learned that what they felt was missing in the city were places just to hang out.  And they’re really keen on places to take photos for using on social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. The #chchswing is made of two separate parts that resemble a giant photo frame. When you stand in a certain place to take a photo, the frames of the swings line up to make what looks like a giant photo frame.

The swing is located alongside our Detour Snake Run and right next to the Margaret Mahy playground, Rauora Park and an outdoor basketball court, making this a fabulous place for kids and teenagers to hang out. 


One of a kind design

Our long-time collaborator, Pippin Wright-Stow – an architectural and industrial designer, created the swing in response to our brief. His creative decision to put the swings on an angle is the swing’s point of difference, but it also made the design and engineering process a touch more challenging! The end result is worth it, however.

The scale of the swing means that one of the swings can get you as high as 3m from the ground which is rather exciting it must be said!

Who, what, where, when

Date: June 2019 – Current

Locations:  Corner Manchester and Armagh Streets

Client/Funder: Fletcher Living, Red Cross

Key people: Pippin Wright-Stow, Murray Wood

Values: Experimentation, Collaboration

Support/Sponsors: Texco, Calibre Consulting, Pegasus Steel, MSD, Bounce, Texco, Lyttelton Engineering, Marine Blast & Paint, Steel & Tube, Plain & Simple, The Playground Centre