Chchchchanges at Gap Filler

Sep 5, 2023

It’s been a time. With the recession, post-Covid times and the looming general election things have been very tough. So Gap Filler is downsizing. Here’s why.

Amidst a cost of living crisis and tough economic conditions many of us are feeling the pinch at home, at work or both. Gap Filler has morphed and changed over the years as many small enterprises do, expanding and contracting in response to a changing environment. We’re really proud of the work we’re doing, most recently completing the major six-year programme Placemaking at One Central with over 180 community installations and events and establishing Pae Tākaro Place of Play. However, we once again find ourselves needing to respond to a challenging economic environment and have made the difficult decision to downsize.

What does this mean for Gap Filler? While we’re scaling back our operations in the short term, the remarkable Kate Finnerty will take the reins and carry on delivering the Pae Tākaro Place of Play programme. We’ve never met anybody more enthusiastic to bring play to the people and streets of Ōtautahi and the world – so you’ll still be seeing some exciting Gap Filler installations and events! Kate will handle all ongoing operations, so please don’t hesitate to contact her regarding anything Gap Filler related.

Outgoing Director Ryan Reynolds will spend the next couple of months helping Kate settle into the new role, and will remain on the Gap Filler Board to provide ongoing governance support. Ryan took over the role of Director in 2018 and has steered Gap Filler through many highs and lows. Gap Filler is hugely grateful to Ryan for all his hard work, dedication, integrity and care and we wish him well for whatever endeavours are around the corner. 

Reluctantly we’ve had to let the rest of our team go too. Talented people come to Gap Filler because they’re creative, resourceful and collaborative team players who are values-led. If anyone out there is looking to hire people with seriously proficient project management skills, placemaking knowledge and on-the-ground placemaking experience, please get in touch and we can make connections. 

Unfortunately it’s not just us feeling the effects of the current economic situation; creatives all across the country are having a hard time. Please make an effort to support, make time for and participate in the creative arts if you can. If you don’t know where to start, check out some of our Ōtautahi play partners: Life in Vacant Spaces, Watch This Space, The White Room, The Green Lab and Creative Agent. Support them, show up for them and advocate for our valuable community sector which is so often overlooked and undervalued.