1 February, 2017

CHCH SOUP is a social event we created that is based upon the format of DETROIT SOUP. SOUP aims to make cool, fun and achievable small projects happen quickly in Christchurch. Up to six people pitch their ideas on the night to vie for the ‘pot’ of cash up for grabs. For their ticket price, attendees receive delicious soup, bread and a vote. Questions get asked, options get evaluated and everyone votes. At the end of the night, the winner goes home with a pot of money to carry out their project or a discrete part of it. We ask that the winner share their story of how they made use of the money too by attending a future event or through a Facebook page.

SOUP is a fun, interesting event where people get excited about ideas and projects. We also reckon people also get a kick about the directness of soup: you hear ideas and vote and someone goes home with the money on the night. We think that’s pretty appealing.

Not only does SOUP support people with great ideas, but also budding chefs and bakers who may wish to contribute the soup and bread for the evening can have the chance to cook for a crowd and make some new contacts.


Dates: February 1, 2017
Time: 6pm – 9pm
Values: Innovation, Creativity, Experimentation, Collaboration
Location: The Commons, 70 Kilmore Street, Christchurch.

Christchurch Soup Recipe Book

Christchurch Soup Recipe Book

Christchurch Soup Recipe Book

Who have been the SOUP winners so far?

SOUP has donated over $3000 to these projects. Pretty neat!


CHCH SOUP supports our vision for a city that enables, empowers and provides opportunities for people to live out their values and find meaning and purpose collaboratively.

With the help of the three communities in the pilot project, we hope to develop a recipe book for how to put on a successful SOUP event. This recipe book can then be given to anyone who wants it. The book should make it easier for communities to make such events happen. We’ve learned a lot from putting this event on now and it’d be great to share it, to enable more great ideas to get off the ground in suburban communities.

Anyone from a suburban community who is interested in learning more about SOUP is encouraged to come along to the CHCH SOUP: SUMMER 2017 to see what is involved. Please contact to register your interest.

Pitchers for Gap Filler’s CHCH SOUP: SUMMER 2017 are also being sought. If you have a fun, achievable idea that’s good for Christchurch, why not come and pitch for the pot? You could go home with as much as $500 for your idea! Please get in touch to register. Anyone who would like to volunteer at this event is also very welcome.

Take a look at past CHCH SOUP events here.