An evening of kai and community bringing ideas to life. For the ticket price attendees got soup, bread and one vote for their favourite idea pitched on the night. The winning idea got to take home the pot of cash to make their idea a reality!

Supporting projects to happen. Fast.


CHCH SOUP was a social event we created based upon the format of DETROIT SOUP. SOUP aimed to make cool, fun and achievable small projects happen quickly in Christchurch. Up to six people pitched their ideas on the night to vie for the ‘pot’ of cash up for grabs. For their ticket price, attendees received delicious soup, bread and one vote. Questions get asked, options get evaluated and everyone votes. At the end of the night, the winner/s went home with a pot of money to carry out their project or a discrete part of it. We asked that the winner share their story of how they made use of the money by attending a future SOUP event or through a Facebook page. 

We like the directness of SOUP. It’s not often that someone with an idea can pitch it to people and get some money to support it to happen on the same night. It’s refreshing. 


Building community. Supporting budding businesses. 


By bringing people together with ideas, there’s lots of connecting and cross-fertilisation of ideas and projects that can occur. Even for those pitchers who don’t win the pot of cash on the night, they get the chance to meet with others who might like to support them or offer their skills and energy to their project. SOUP builds community!

Not only does SOUP support people with great ideas, but also budding chefs and bakers who may wish to contribute the soup and bread for the evening can have the chance to cook for a crowd and make some new contacts. Chefs like Aliesha McGilligan and Alex Davies (now of Gatherings) and bakers like Sam Ellis (Gizzly Baked Goods) and Christian from Real Bread Kitchen have all supported SOUP over the years. 

So who has CHCH SOUP supported?

SOUP has donated over $3000 to these projects. Pretty neat!

Who, what, where, when

Date: One off events in 2105, 2016 and 2017

Locations:  All over the city

Client/Funder: Christchurch City Council

Key people: Rachel Welfare, Richard Sewell Barnacle, Sara Crane 

Values: Participation, Collaboration

Support/Sponsors: Real Bread Kitchen, Grizzly Baked Goods, Jade Temepara, Alex Davies, Aliesha McGilligan and more

I loved being part of SOUP. So many fabulous ideas and energy in one room, sharing food and conversations. Wonderful. 

Sara Crane

CHCH SOUP Volunteer

A SOUP of your own?

Make your own SOUP happen using our HOW TO SOUP manual made using our experience running many SOUPS.

Soup Recipe Book 2018