Bloco de Carnaval

Bloco de Carnaval is a series of workshops for the community to create and learn things that will contribute to two main events. It is an opportunity for dance, bright colours, food, costumes and to celebrate happiness! All ages welcome.

To book your place at a Carnaval workshop, click on the images below.

Bloco de Carnaval

In partnership with Fletcher Living and as part of our Placemaking at One Central program, Gap Filler is inviting the people of Christchurch to come together and celebrate. Led by our own resident Brazilian, Project Co-ordinator Carolina Nery we are organising two carnavals which will both take place on Gloucester Green in the city, from 1:30pm to 6pm. Our first Bloco de Carnaval will be a Kids Pre Carnaval, held on Saturday 17 December, which will be followed in the new year on Saturday 28 January with the ultimate Bloco de Carnaval Ōtautahi, open to everyone of all ages and carnival interpretations.

To help us all get prepared to “carnaval” like it’s another day in Rio de Janeiro, we have invited some of our most talented friends to run workshops in mask making, instrument building, dancing and costume design. There are 20 workshops running from now through to the main Bloco de Carnaval at the end of January. Anyone is welcome at the workshops, and you can book your place through – tickets to attend cost $5. You don’t need to bring anything with you, just come along and our wonderful workshop leaders will provide inspiration, materials and expert guidance.

The tradition of “Blocos de Carnaval” began in Brazil in the 1800’s when musicians would mobilise crowds onto the street to dance and have a party in their local area. They can happen all over the city and go on throughout the entire month of January. They are about bringing friends, families and communities together for an open and free party that celebrate music, dancing and colour. What better way to enjoy summer in Christchurch and celebrate kia kaha than to create our own Bloco de Carnaval.

Both Bloco de Carnavals are free and open for anyone to come along. The children’s Bloco de Carnaval in December will be a smaller version and aimed for families. In January, the Bloco de Carnaval will be open to all ages and will run from 2pm to 6pm. There will be food trucks, live music, colourful processions, games and activities for children. All we ask is that you come along and bring your friends to celebrate!

Who, what, where, when

Date: November 2022 – January 2023

Location:  Gloucester Green, 221 Gloucester Street

Client/Funder: Fletcher Living – Placemaking at One Central

Key people:

Values: Participation, Creativity, Experimentation, Collaboration

Support/Sponsors:  Fletcher Living