Mike Fisher is a friend and colleague. He is an urban designer who worked at Christchurch City Council in the Urban Regeneration team in the post-quake years and was key to fostering the good relationships between local government and the community/non-profit sector which led to an outpouring of creative energy in the city. More recently, based on his Christchurch experience, he was recruited as the Placemaking Coordinator at the Adelaide City Council and Manager of City Planning and Development. He is back living and working in Christchurch where he has started his own business, Urbantacticians and now works as the General Manager of Riverside Market.

Mike is fluent in the workings of local government, business, start-ups and the creative sectors. He understands what makes good cities and how to help realise them.

This piece was first published in The Press in March, 2017 as part of the City Making Series curated by Te Puutahi – centre for architecture and city making, Project Freerange and Gap Filler.

“OPINION: At some point in the history of city making a shift has taken place where the power, creativity, ideas and connectedness of citizens has been ceded to a group of people who make up local government, and further up the chain the regional or national governments. Citizens for a large part have moved from being change makers, problem solvers and “owners” of their streets, districts and neighbourhoods to consumers and customers who wait, demand, hope, or protest that government will make the city they want.”

Read the rest of the article here: https://www.stuff.co.nz/the-press/business/the-rebuild/90020139/who-makes-a-city-council-planners-or-citizens