In 2017, Ryan did some work in Lilydale, Yarra Ranges, Victoria.

The Victorian state arts entity, Creative Victoria, are supporting ‘Creative Suburbs’ community arts projects all over the state. The Yarra Ranges Council approached Gap Filler to mentor local artists to develop such a project in Lilydale! The three local artists, Kate Baker, Matthew Riley and Troy Innocent, were selected by the Council. Facilitated and enabled by Ryan, the three artists created the Lilllydale Alternative Welcoming Society and a range of associated creative activities such as alternative morning welcomings near the train station in the town centre (think: people with flowers, music, a giant chicken and more!), a footpath-based game (a la Carcassone) and various signage featuring new symbols and icons. And also the curious use of three Ls in Lilydale…Lilllydale?

It was a really satisfying project, a solid process and had fantastic support from the good people at the Yarra Ranges Council.