Discover more about your city with OPEN CITY, one of our more recent projects that’s unlocking our city’s secrets.

Open City is a celebration of undervalued, sweet, free things to do in Christchurch. It might be a good climbing tree in the Botanic Gardens, a quirky piece of street art or a great place for a picnic. These are just some of the many little secrets suggested by other locals and visitors which are being shared via a repurposed parking meter in Cathedral Square and a website.  

The Open City parking meter will vend you your own Christchurch mystery within the four aves, helping you to get to know your city better! The OPEN CITY website allows you to share your Christchurch secrets with others, and discover secret gems suggested by perfect strangers. The website’s focus is city wide – New Brighton, Beckenham or Bryndwr! 

On from now til sometime next year.

OPENCITY.ORG.NZ – visit to upload your own sweet, free things to do

#opencity #hiddengems #sweetfreethingstodo 

Open City is a collaboration with the All Right? Campaign

All Right? is a Healthy Christchurch initiative led by the Canterbury District Health Board and the Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand.