Meet Richard Harcourt from SplitN2

Who are you and what do you do?
Long story but in a nutshell I love tech stuff and making stuff in my mancave. My small business is growing into CNC services and sales and hence I was keen to test myself on this project.

What was your involvement in the Diverscity: Ping Pong project?
The CAD and CNC cutting of the intricate design into the acrylic Perspex “nets” that were made for the tables. This was a challenging material and was under the pump time pressure to get it done quickly.

What made you say ‘yes’ to this project?
How could I say no ? So cool to see people enjoying them in the Re:start Mall area, in hindsight it was a great decision to be involved and I guess that’s how it was sold to me to help out.

What has been the benefit to you in participating in Diverscity?
Very satisfying personally to help in a little way towards Christchurch recovery and CBD renewal, and excellent networking opportunities.

What have you learned from being involved?
Teamwork and listening skills are vital to collaborative projects, working to deadlines and not over committing, always have fun and keep it real.

Would you do anything differently next time?
Leverage off what I learned in technical aspects with this specific material cutting and try and be involved more with up front design although it looks like the ping pong tables overall were a ripping success!

What would you like Gap Filler to know? Any feedback?
Not a lot, just a big thank you!!!!

Tell us your favourite thing to do in ChCh?
Too many choices – enjoying everything in our beautiful coastline, hills, rivers and our great community. We are very lucky to be Cantabs!