Something new and exciting has come to the city! And we’ve got our sticky hands all over it.
Gap Filler has been experimenting for a long time now with ways our (and other) temporary projects can have long-term community outcomes. Recent projects such as Super Street Arcade and our DiversCity Ping-Pong tables could be permanent features of any cool city, not just short-term disaster recovery. Now, we’re pleased to announce our best opportunity yet to grow some long-term impact: CitySide, a programme of activations in the East Frame while sites are awaiting future development.

It’s the first time in New Zealand that a major developer is partnering with community and social innovators to run a programme of community-building activities at the pre-development stage. The programme will be rolled out over the next 2.5 years and is being largely funded by Fletcher Living. This initiative is a big win for many Christchurch civic groups, who have been advocating for years for more community involvement in and alongside long-term developments.

Gap Filler’s primary role is to facilitate other groups to realise temporary, community-minded projects on the East Frame land, and then to ‘fill in the gaps’ with some of Gap Filler’s own original projects. These projects are specifically trying to explore how the temporary activations can help foster long-term community outcomes in the new development.

CitySide became a reality in November 2017, with the first projects opening, including a temporary youth space with indoor and outdoor activities, run by two local youth organisations; large ‘spray can’ sculptures where local street artists will be running workshops; a relocated and reinvigorated Kakano Cafe; a community-run car park (Good Spot), where all the proceeds support community activities in the neighbourhood; a mini-golf course that explores and reveals the rich history and heritage of the inner city east area; and more.

Stay tuned for regular updates about what’s coming, and all our amazing partners in delivering this programme.