Phase #3 of Gap Filler’s DiversCity: Community Showcase Project has just been installed! 

We’ve been working with members of the Nigerian Canterbury Association to create a mancala board. Known as an Ayoayo in Nigeria, mancala is a game that involves moving pieces or seeds from ‘dishes’ usually carved into a piece of wood.

Local wood worker, Jim Goodwin has been the main woodcarver creating the mancala from a giant log that was kindly donated to the project by Tree Tech. The log is part of one of the black poplar trees that was felled in Hagley Park earlier this year.

Dennis Agelebe, President of the Nigerian Canterbury Association says of the project “The Gap Filler organisation is doing wonderful work, we’re really pleased to be involved in creating this AyoAyo game”.

The aim behind DiversCity is to showcase some of our city’s migrant communities and increase their visibility in the city. Frequently, cultural offerings are events which although fun and interesting, are only on for a day or two. These projects offer something of a longer duration.

Where and When

Date: November 2017 to February 2018
Time: Play anytime!
Location: Situated on the West side of the Otakaro/Avon River, between Worcester and Hereford Streets