CHCH SOUP will have its fifth and final edition on February 1, 2017 with CHCH SOUP: SUMMER 2017 at The Commons in the city. Rather than continue to run SOUP itself (which takes lots of time and energy), we want to share our knowledge with suburban communities to enable similar events to happen across Christchurch. That way, Gap Filler can out its energy into new projects for Christchurch. This is much like our experience with RAD Bikes, where we set a project up, tested it, refined and saw that it worked, then handed it on.

With support from New Zealand Red Cross, three communities will be involved in a pilot project where we support them to run SOUP events of their own in early 2017. If successful, the SOUP model could be available for use all across the city and even country.

Pitchers for Gap Filler’s CHCH SOUP: SUMMER 2017 are also being sought. If you have a fun, achievable idea that’s good for Christchurch, why not come and pitch for the pot? You could go home with as much as $500 for your idea! Please get in touch to register. Anyone who would like to volunteer at this event is also very welcome.

Visit our CHCH SOUP Facebook here.