Waimairi School explored how the arts connect us to our community; how it influences, uplifts and enriches our lives and how it facilitates interaction, discussion and exchanges between people.

The whole school visited the central city in September 2015 to look at art in context; visiting art on the street, exhibitions, and performances. Gap Filler provided teachers with advice and gave tours of projects when invited.

“The visit to Gap Fillers certainly did this for the children, parents and teachers. We were immersed in ‘real life’ art and experienced how it connects our people and places” – Chris and Kiri, Teachers.

The students used these experiences to create, explore and present their own art works at school and finally shared this with the community in an exhibition of unprecedented scale. `Connect in the City’ involved 500 students who performed over 4 venues; at The Commons, Victoria Square, the Sound Garden and in the Peterborough Library.

“The children’s wonderful displays and performances were the catalyst for our school community to come together, connect with each other, and continue the process of re-claiming our devastated city centre as a community use space. All of our children certainly received the powerful message that The Arts can connect people to people and people to places” – Mike Anderson, Principal.

“This term we have been practicing to perform in the middle of the city. I enjoyed performing in the city and my family were there to watch. I think people can look back at these moments and remember our acts. I think families can talk about how much fun they had and the people who were involved with it can treasure the moment they had at Waimairi school. This is important because they can connect back to this day and remember their primary years” – Mana, student.

Thanks go to the Mike Anderson, his team and all the students for making this event happen.