CHCH Soup is a Gap Filler and Ministry of Awesome project!

Put the date in the diary and start dreaming big! Yes, Autumn’s ‘pitch for the pot’ at CHCH SOUP is coming up! Got an awesome idea you’ve been aching to share (and perhaps get off the ground)? Get in touch with
If you want a front row seat at Christchurch’s next big thing then you’ll be in the right place if you’re at The Commons at 6:00pm on the 18th May.
Email if you’d like to volunteer! The more the merrier!

CHCH SOUP picks up on past shared meals held in the Pallet Pavilion – Autumnal Social Soup, Spring Feast, Summer Feast – and adds a new element – a pitch for the pot.

Four ideas (and two wildcards) for new projects to benefit the city will be pitched in a no-tech environment to the audience over the course of the evening. Questions will be asked, ideas refined and then the most popular idea will be given the ‘pot’ (the money from ticket sales) to make the idea happen over the next few months.




Produced by Gap Filler and Ministry of Awesome, Christchurch people are asked to submit their pitch ideas to the team at Ministry of Awesome. The criteria is simple: the idea must be delivered in Christchurch and reported back on at the next CHCH SOUP. The Ministry of Awesome team are there to provide advice on ‘how to’ pitch.

Gap Filler provides the venue and co-ordinates (and underwrites the cost of) the volunteers, ticket-sales and food production: usually Soup and Hot Bread. Both Gap Filler, Ministry of Awesome and the community behind each CHCH SOUP provides the support, mentoring and seed funding to bring each project to fruition.



We value creativity, collaboration and community. We understand that communities are built at the intersection of social, human and financial capital. We believe that CHCH SOUP provides a platform for social entrepreneurship: banking people.







6:00PM on 18th May 2016

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We also know that it’s not about us: it’s about our people, our city; we’re all in this together!

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter: CHCH SOUP is a seasonal affair!

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