During KidsFest 2015 Gap Filler ran 2 events;
Gap Cache and
Tiny House Workshops

Explore the world of Tiny Houses
Like Tiny Houses themselves… these workshops were really popular – so popular we ran three instead of the one we advertised in KidsFest  – and they were all booked out.
However you can still come and check out some of the tiny buildings around the city and then build yourself a model of one that you would like to live in.  We will be posting a map and a resource that will help you with your model making.  We would love to see what you make – if you are happy to share your model email a photo to sally@gapfiller.org.nz.

Gap Cache
A cross between the outdoor hobby of Geocaching and its retro-equivalent Letter Boxing,
Gap Cache is a treasure hunt which involves visiting six inspiring gaps in the inner city where you can enjoy gardens, make music, play sport and fix bikes in search of a letterbox that will hold treasure and a clue about the site you are visiting.  As with Geocaching you will be encouraged to record your visit and bring a treasure to swap.  An added extra with Gap Cache – you can take a rubbing from somewhere hidden on the letterbox – collect all 6 to make a complete set.

Letterboxing is a hobby-pursuit invented on Dartmoor in 1854 which became popular in the 1970’s and is said to be the predecessor to Geocaching. There are over ½ a million Geocaches worldwide in over 100 countries, 1291 geocaches in Christchurch and over 6 million registered users worldwide.

Maps are available for downloading.

Six letterboxes have been decorated by Year 8 student leaders from Selwyn House School as part of a community art project. The six letterboxes are only a few of the 1000 salvaged from the residential red zone by the Avon Otakaro Network.  The remaining letterboxes will be used in a future art installation.

Thanks to all those were involved in this project.

Selwyn House, Greening the Rubble, AvON, RAD Bikes and thanks to KidsFest.