The Aalt Verkerk’s Gap Golf hole was opened on 20 June.  The Dutch themed hole is a nod to the site’s history as A. Verkerks Butcher Ltd and the family’s Dutch heritage.

Putt your way down an Amsterdam canal being careful to avoid the barges; then up, over the docks through some interesting hazards and into the second hole.  Professionals are calling this a 3 par hole. 

By Spring, another two holes will be built in the Gap Golf circuit bringing it up to a world class (and if not, world first) inner-city 9 hole mini-golf experience.

You can pick up Gap Golf score cards, clubs and balls at the Gap Filler Head Quarters at The Commons, The Christchurch Public Library at Peterborough St and The Herb Centre on Kilmore St.

With thanks to Christchurch Round Table, Ladies Circle and Ioan Bramhall.