Adaptive Urbanism in Christchurch, New Zealand

For students or those interested in:



Gap Filler is an urban regeneration initiative in Christchurch, New Zealand. In four years, we have undertaken a range of projects from installations, to events to artworks, the creation of community spaces and temporary architecture. See for more information. Gap Filler is one of New Zealand’s most prolific adaptive urbanism initiatives.

We are interested in hosting an intern or pair of interns for approximately 4 months this year. Gap Filler has hosted a number of internships for local and international students and feels they are beneficial to Gap Filler and to the intern.

This can be a full-time or part-time internship to allow you to undertake some part-time work.


Why intern with Gap Filler?

Gap Filler gives you the opportunity to study and contribute to the unique post-quake city in transition that is Christchurch, New Zealand. You will have the chance to study, research, reflect and also do. It is a great opportunity to put learning into practice. Gap Filler provides a friendly, supportive environment in which to intern.



Start: August 3, 2015

End: November 27, 2015


What’s provided?

·      Office space on site with Gap Filler people;

·      Support to develop a work programme. This can include work on a project/s and/or research;

·      Opportunity to work as part of the project team on a Gap Filler project;

·      Connections and introductions to other organisations, local government representatives and more.


What are your responsibilities?

·      Flights to Christchurch

·      Accommodation

·      Visas if from overseas

·      Your own computer to work on

·      Money to live on and/or part-time work if needed (this is an unpaid internship)



·      You’re expected to be able to work autonomously and show initiative;

·      That you’ve got excellent communication skills – verbal and written;

·      A willingness to DO and get your hands dirty on a range of projects, helping build, clean, paint, weed and more from time to time;

·      That you’ll be part of the Gap Filler team when you’re here;

·      That you’ll keep regular hours with Gap Filler;

·      That you’re passionate, reliable, hard-working and excited by the opportunity;




Call for applications:                      May 13, 2015

Deadline for applications:            June 5, 2015

Successful applicant notified:     by June 30

Commencement date:                  August 3 (approx.), 2015

End date:                                        November 27 (approx.), 2015


What to send us:

·      CV and portfolio telling us what projects you’ve been involved with so far;

·      A cover letter why you want to intern with us, why you’d be great, what you’re interested in, what Gap Filler projects you’re really inspired by and what you’re hoping to take from an internship with Gap Filler;

·      Confirmation you’re eligible for a NZ visa.


Send to: by June 5, 2015


Don’t take our word for it, here’s what last year’s Spring interns (and indeed the guinea pigs for this internship) Marta and Pauline, said about it:

From: University of Denmark, Landscape Architecture Department

Internship: July – November, 2014


“The internship with Gap Filler was a life-changing experience. The structure of the organisation and the way of working put us right in the middle of the whole Christchurch transitional movement, doing projects we’d never even thought of doing and interacting with a colourful crowd of lovely people.

The freedom and independence we were given were both great and challenging, as they put the story into our own hands and made us responsible for how we wanted to benefit from this time with an organisation. This was a bit confusing at the beginning but then turned the internship into something more adventurous and full of satisfaction and experiences. Working together, knowing what we wanted to get from the internship, being autonomous and wishing to always try new things helped us to make this internship purposeful and a success for both Gap Filler and us.

Gap Filler has a lovely team atmosphere and a willingness and eagerness to get things done is contagious and makes Gap Filler a wonderful team to intern with. Thank you again GF crew!”