Gap Filler shared a very special evening with friends on Saturday 22 February, as they reflected on the last three years of creative projects in Christchurch and, of course, focusing on the much-loved Pallet Pavilion.

Partnering with Dalman Architecture, who themselves had much to remember as they were once residents of Durham Street in the recently demolished Spicers House, the Gap Filler Team and volunteers hosted their Summer Feast, the final in a trilogy of shared meals in the Pallet Pavilion.

The evening was blessed with a warm and clear climate that added to the unique experience of the 110 guests who attended.  A three-course meal was provided by local chefs Aliesha McGilligan and Alex Davies with all of the produce coming from local sources.  The chefs “cooking in your home” was later auctioned for the highest bid of the night in the auction designed to raise money for Gap Filler’s future projects.  It is estimated that the evening helped raise approximately $3,000.

Trent Hiles, Project Co-ordinator for Gap Filler and auctioneer for the evening recalls the excitement of the auction, “Everything in the auction was particular to Gap Filler, or the Pallet Pavilion, whether it was jewellery in the shape of a pallet or a gig by one of the musicians who has played in the Pavilion over the summer. It was exciting to witness such enthusiastic bidding for things that have come out of this one project.”

Richard Dalman, Managing Director of Dalman Architecture shared his own thoughts on the Pallet Pavilion. “The Pallet Pavilion has brought people together to be entertained and has given us new opportunities to celebrate local produce, musicians, artists and innovative spaces.  Even after its deconstruction, it will remain a lasting memory for the many locals and visitors to the city”.