Gap Filler’s Pallet Pavilion gave grassroots businesses an opportunity that they might not have had otherwise.

Megan started and managed Café Woohoo – the wee caravan inside the Pallet Pavilion. She volunteered the first Summer at the Pavilion in the outdoor cafe and then, when the Pavilion was retained for one more year, stepped up to run the cafe component and bought herself a caravan. Before this she hadn’t even made a coffee! Alex and Martine started A Local Food Project on site using the pizza oven and now run a restaurant at Shop Eight in New Regent Street.  Te Waka o Maui Watene Māori, our Māori Wardens who provided security for the Pallet Pavilion set up their own company in order to do so, with our help.  We’re proud of all the people this project helped support.

Check out their stories…

Cafe Woohoo

Local Food Project

Te Waka o Maui Watene Māori