We have a couple of wonderful interns, both of whom are studying Landscape Architecture at Copenhagen University in Denmark. Marta and Pauline arrived on 11 July and are with us until 14 November.

Meet Marta
Born in 1989 in Poland, Marta Tomasiak graduated from Cracow Technical University with an Engineering Diploma in Landscape Architecture. Since 2009 she has worked as a cultural project coordinator. She has led architectural workshops for children and adults, and cooperated with the Cracow Institute of Culture as an editorial team assistant in the architecture magazine ’Autoportret’.

Since going on a landscape architectural ’tour’ in 2011 to discover different design approaches, and explore the meaning of landscape in different countries and cultures, she has practiced as a landscape architect in Belgium, France, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia and Poland.

Marta is currently completing her Masters of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design at Copenhagen University, Denmark. Particularly interested in human involvement and participation in landscape architectural and urban design projects, she came to Christchurch to study its unique transitional community-initiated urban space activation.



Meet Pauline
Born and raised in France, Pauline de Gorostarzu graduated from a bachelors degree in Landscape Architecture from HEPIA (Geneva – Switzerland) in 2011. Following her love for travelling and adventures, she decided to pursue her studies at Copenhagen University, Denmark where she is currently enrolled in a Masters degree of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design.

Since 2011, Pauline has been working as a free-lance landscape architect in France and Denmark.  In 2012, she spent six months travelling around New Zealand, discovering and referencing the landscapes and doing some voluntary work for locals (gardening, landscaping, building, farming). Since 2013, she has been an active member of a collective of young landscape architects and urban designers – Creative Roots – which develops co-creative urban initiatives in the public spaces of Copenhagen.

Her personal and professional interests on participatory landscape architecture brought her in Christchurch to study the social and urban revitalisation of this unique transitional city.

Pauline pic