March 14-23, 2014

Journey was an art work which drew parallels between Christchurch’s recovery and Kakapo conservation. It suggested that “Recovery is a journey we go on together.”

Sayraphim Lothian is an Australian public artist and one of the world leaders in the emerging field of Craftivism.  Her work has graced the streets of Melbourne, Sydney, London, Bristol, New York and Paris.  The central themes of her work are community and joy. She makes beautiful and unique works and then places them in public spaces as gifts for anyone lucky to enough discover them. 

Inspired by the important role Gap Filler is playing in the recovery of Christchurch after a series of devastating earthquakes that began in 2010 and also the work being conducted by the Kakapo Recovery project, Sayraphim’s work highlights the parallels between the two.

Sayraphim flew into Christchurch with a bag full of Kakapo. The artist made 125 hand-crafted soft sculptures individually representing the surviving members of the Kakapo bird species and released them onto the streets of Christchurch between 14 – 23 March, 2014.

`Journey celebrates the indomitable spirit of these two communities and their determination to rebuild’, says Sayraphim.

For more information about Sayraphim’s work please visit her website.

Free public craft workshops at the Pallet Pavilion (70 Kilmore St) were held on Saturday and Sunday 15, 16 and 22, 23 March from 1 – 4pm.

Read Gap Filler’s project report.