A film by Jacob Stanley, 2014

The Pallet Pavilion was an ambitious Gap Filler project located in the central city of Christchurch, New Zealand on a site left vacant following the demolition of a luxury hotel. Built and activated by 270+ volunteers from 3000 blue, wooden CHEP pallets, the project was an iconic structure realised two years after the devastating February 2011 earthquake that claimed the lives of 185 people and led to the loss of 70% of the central city’s buildings. A community venue, the Pallet Pavilion played host to live music, markets, games nights, a wedding, dinners, book launches, classes and more and was activated and maintained by a range of people including many volunteers.

Local filmmaker Jacob Stanley captured project footage from 2012-2014. This footage, coupled with interviews with key participants such as volunteers, designers, engineers, project coordinators, performers and more captures the spirit of this incredible project that captivated and engaged thousands of locals and visitors to the city alike.

Learn more about the project’s aims, the project team, volunteer involvement, events and the massive challenges that Gap Filler, a small charitable trust, somehow managed to overcome to realise and run the Pallet Pavilion as a loved community venue for 18 months.

Duration: 32 minutes

Price: $20 + p&p