We made it! THANK YOU!

Decision made.

We’re thrilled to be able to say that the Pallet Pavilion will be sticking around for one more Summer thanks to the success of our PledgeMe campaign.

$80 000+ has been raised in the last 28 days from around New Zealand and places like Denmark, the USA, UK, Australia and Germany. It’s quite extraordinary and we’d like to express our astonishment and gratitude to all of you who have supported us, whether you be a donor or a volunteer or a word-spreader!

As you probably know, the Pavilion was initially the Summer Pallet Pavilion and was meant to be deconstructed in May this year. Across Summer, we explored whether there were any funders out there who might help us keep it for one more year, but didn’t come up with anything. In March, our board met and decided that although it was an amazing, huge, successful project, our charity could not afford to keep it and down it must come as was planned.

But across March and April many people seemed to just discover the Pavilion. And many expressed  to us their shock at the short duration of something so ostentatious and community-minded. Or they said they didn’t want it to go – it seemed too short. They had a point. As the project was completed 6 weeks late in December 2012, it only really got into its groove in late January.

So, we called what was a rather intense meeting and decided to try one last thing – a crowdfunding campaign to put the decision back to the people and back to those calling for it to stay. Did people like and value the Pallet Pavilion enough to put their money where their mouth is? We would use online platform, PledgeMe which would allow us to set a target of what was the minimum amount needed for it to stay. And if the target was reached, we would receive the money, but if not, all of it would be returned. Pretty harsh, but it would get us what we needed: a decision. We couldn’t be in a situation where we raised say, $25 000. It would not be enough to keep the project going and what would we do then? Return it? Messy!

But what a task. $80 000 in 30 days seemed wildly ambitious! And so it was. But we did it, setting a new record for PledgeMe as their largest, successful project. And so now the Pavilion will live to see another Summer. The community has been asked to decide its future and they have. And in the process, they have ensured the existence of a fully functioning, equipped community venue for them to make use of and visit.

That’s pretty ace in our books. A story for the grandkids, even.

So where’s the money going? What’s it for?

The Pallet Pavilion is a building. As part of its building consent, it is required to have security at night due to the perceived arson temptation a stack of pallets poses. So there’s that – the biggest, non-negotiable cost.

The there are other costs like power, maintenance, toilets and AV equipment.

And then there’s a job for a venue manager – someone to run the space, handle bookings and generally make sure there’s a café next Summer running smoothly and also a bar 3 or 4 nights a week.

So we’ll be putting feelers out for that person this Winter. Contact us if you’re interested.

This means the Pallet Pavilion will be a staffed, equipped venue for community events next Summer. So if you’ve got a book launch, a meeting, a market, a film screening, a fundraiser you want to organise – put it on here. Community events will be charged a very low rate per hour to use the space, with private and corporate events being charged a higher rate (details TBC). And when there are not any bookings, Gap Filler will put on events such as live music and films.

We’re not yet ready or able to take bookings for next Summer yet, so if you’ve got an event, hold onto it til August. Keep and eye on our website for more information and updates.

And what about Winter?

Yes, good question. It will remain open, but there will be limited events. We will have the SHE Chocolate bus coming to join us soon. But let’s face it, it’s not a Winter friendly space, expect on the occasional Sunny Winter’s day.

Thank Yous

We must thank: all our donors, all our volunteers, our night-time pavilion sitters, our sponsors, the Gap Filler board, the Gap Filler team, fans and everyone who helped spread the word or offered advice to make this possible! And thank you to Anna and PledgeMe for all their support and advice.

X Gap Filler