Christchurch: The Transitional City Part IV

A book documenting transitional post-quake projects in ChCh

(Here’s the link to the Radio NZ interview)

This book has been collated by a bunch of ChCh locals and published by Project Freerange. It documents 149 post-quake transitional projects that have taken place in Christchurch since the first quake in 2010. All the Gap Filler projects to date are in there as are many, many more from street art to pop-up businesses to giant multi million dollar projects like Re:Start.

The book makes us proud of all that has happened here. And excited. It is so fantastic to see how far the ripples are spreading. More and more people are getting involved in re:creating their city and feeling like they have a stake in how it grows and evolves.

Read more here and find out how you can get one of the lovely books here.