October, 2013

Coordinated by Gap Filler co-founder Ryan Reynolds, this project offered locals and visitors to the city alike, the opportunity to explore part of what was once the CBD on foot. The tour linked selected sites, buildings and landmarks – both notable and obscure – into a trail that took participants from Gap Filler’s Commons around a central city loop.

The motivation for this project came from a group of people who were keen to explore and demonstrate their shared interest in the Transitional City, and a desire to critique the top-down, “Master Plan”/Blueprint process. The project brought together people involved in fine arts and creative arts disciplines, geography/planning, architecture, and landscape architecture from CPIT, Lincoln University, and the University of Canterbury. Their personal stories and historical and contemporary geographical and architectural information provided the listener with what felt like a personalised commentary of the current Christchurch city experience. The tour also provided visitors to the city with some answers to the many questions fielded by the Gap Filler team and Pavilion volunteers across a week. With the tour providing background information about all sorts of issues the audio tourist could come to some sort of understanding of how and why Christchurch is as it is. Trent Hiles, a Gap Filler project coordinator, ‘walked the talk’  and found the experience both informative, entertaining and a stimulus for reflection: “The vocal experience is enhanced by a soundscape created by local musicians, providing a public-private escape and an invitation to engage, all at the same time… The city is now our gallery, the audio tour helping us to ‘see’ what is going on, or not going on.”

The tour was updated to reflect the constant changes occurring in Christchurch.

Gap Filler would like to thank Freemasons NZ for generously providing this season’s IPOD shuffles and headsets.

Practical Information

The free tour took 1 hour 40 minutes approximately and took participants from the Pallet Pavilion around streets, paths, and vacant sites out east as far as Latimer Square, up Madras and along Tuam before returning to them to the Pavilion from the south. The audio player/headset units could be borrowed free-of-charge, collected from and returned to the Gap Filler office at the corner of Kilmore and Durham Streets. You can download the file here and put it on your own device (remember the city has changed somewhat and continues to do so). Apologies for there being 5 files, but our website won’t allow us to upload the file as one large file as the file is too large.

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Download the poster here.