At Gap Filler’s Commons site, a handmade, woodfired pizza oven is available for community groups to use.

CPIT architecture students made the masterpiece by hand using clay, bricks and pallets.

There are a few things to take into consideration … the oven takes 3 hours to get ready, and needs to be ‘manned’ during this time.  Bought pizza bases won’t last long in the oven, so you can’t cheat and buy them, because bases need to be at the ‘dough’ stage.  If you would like to buy the bases, this could be arranged prior to your function (depending on whether or not the chef has other functions to cater for).

If you are wanting to use the pizza oven on a regular basis there are some restrictions around food preparation which would need to be done in a registered kitchen.  Otherwise, if you’re just planning on using the oven now and then, that’s not the case.

It’s important to take the used coals away with you and leave the site clean and tidy after your delicious pizza has been consumed.

Please contact Kerry directly for further information

Here are some of the students testing it out …