As you know, the Pallet Pavilion is staying around for one more Summer thanks to the amazing fundraising effort that took place across May and June this year.

The Jansen family who took on the venue and bar management were great and from them and our own observations, we  learned a lot last Summer about how the venue runs. We feel like the Pavilion never really reached its full potential and it’s exciting that we can use some of the money we raised to create a few jobs for passionate, like-minded folks this Spring/Summer.  

Venue and Bar Management- Spring/Summer 2013-2014


Gap Filler is a post-quake initiative that activates vacant sites around Christchurch with temporary, creative projects for community benefit. We have realised 35+ projects in 2.5 years with the help of many volunteers.

One of our projects is the community venue, the Pallet Pavilion. Originally intended to be deconstructed in May 2013, the Pallet Pavilion finds itself on site until March/April 2014 thanks to an incredible crowd-funding campaign across May/June this year. This was run in response to strong community feedback calling for the pavilion to stay rather than be deconstructed.  (You can read more about this process on the Gap Filler website and we encourage you to do so:

We are seeking a small team of people from this Spring onwards to oversee the running of the Pallet Pavilion and surrounding site (including overseeing use of the Arcades and Pizza Oven) as a community venue. We want it to reach its full potential this Summer.

Last Summer a fantastic family of three – father, daughter and son – took charge of running the venue and its small bar collectively. We have learned a lot from what they did and based on that we know we need a small team of people to do the following:

  • Oversee enquiries, venue bookings, invoicing, promotion, communications and planning other Pavilion events
  • Oversee events in the space, set up and pack down, cleaning and maintenance
  • Oversee the occasional use of the Arcades and Pizza Oven for events
  • Set up and run a small bar 3 or 4 nights a week (subject to Liquor Licencing approval)

We know where we need to get. We know what the smoothly running venue looks like. But we need a team of people to get us there.

The role descriptions below describe the range of tasks involved. But they are not set in stone. You may wish to divide things up a bit differently. We will talk about it with you. This will be discussed with us.


We are open to applications from groups of people – a couple, a partnership, a trio or from individuals for one of the three roles.

We are after people that are able to work as part of a team and understand the community-minded nature of Gap Filler projects. If you’re wanting to set up a vodka bar/nightclub to make tonnes of cash, this isn’t for you, sorry!

We need you to be able to work autonomously and take charge of the venue. Gap Filler can support you, but we are after a team that will make the Pallet Pavilion their ‘baby’ for the upcoming Spring and Summer. It’s an exciting opportunity to be involved with a unique, once-in-a-lifetime project in Christchurch and to gain a great deal of experience.


Remuneration will be discussed as there are various options here too, depending on the arrangement. It is our intention that any profit the Pallet Pavilion makes can go back in part to Gap Filler, to off-set some ongoing costs not covered by fundraising monies, or to support other Gap Filler projects. We would like to agree to a profit share of some sort with the venue management and bar team too to make it fair and to provide extra motivation to do an awesome job.

Selected applicants will have an interview and be invited to meet some of the current Gap Filler Team on site at the Pallet Pavilion.


Call for applications released:           August 2

Deadline for applications:                  August 20, 5pm

Interviews:                                            August 28 – 30 day/evening

Jobs start:                                            Early September to early October – see below


Here are the role descriptions for you to download.