In the interests of contributing to a democratic culture of informed and engaged citizens, Gap Filler sent a brief questionnaire to every candidate for mayor or council. We asked candidates to limit each answer to 200 words. We received 44 replies from the 66 candidates. Their replies are published in full below, as they were sent to us; we have not corrected any typos or misspellings, or modified the answers in any way except to arrange them on the page. Please read the responses, and use this to help decide how to cast your vote!


The Questions:

1. In what ways, if elected, would you encourage active citizenship & people’s participation in building our city?

2. What role can Council play to make the post-earthquake environment an attraction rather than a deterrent?

3. Do you support experimentation via temporary community, art, business and architecture projects? If so, how can Council support these temporary activities? If not, why not?

4. What of your recent work and volunteering experience is relevant to Christchurch’s present needs?

5. Which Blueprint anchor project are you most supportive of and why?


The Responses by ward:


Blair Anderson | Another Mildgreen Initiative – Did Not Reply

Victor Cattermole | Independent

Kyle Chapman | The Resistance Party

Lianne Dalziel | One City Together

Tubby Hansen | Economic Euthenics – Did Not Reply

Sammy Harris | Independent – Did Not Reply

Hugo Kristinsson

Paul Lonsdale | Independent

Bradley Maxwell | Independent

Robin McCarthy | Independent

Richard Tindall | Independent

Peter Wakeman | Independent – Did Not Reply


Banks Peninsula Councillor

Mark Belton | Independent

Jane Broughton | iCitz-Independent Citizens – Did Not Reply

Nuk Korako | Independent

Paula Smith | Independent for Banks Peninsula

Andrew Turner | The People’s Choice


Burwood/Pegasus Ward Councillor

Victor Cattermole | Independent

David East | Independent – Did Not Reply

Marie Hazledine-Barber

Glenn Livingstone | The People’s Choice – Did Not Reply

Robyn Nuthall | The People’s Choice

Sam Park | Independet – Did Not Reply

Linda Stewart | Independent – Did Not Reply


Fendalton/Waimairi Ward Councillor

Faimeh Burke | Independent

Jamie Gough | iCitz-Independent Citizens

Drucilla Kingi-Patterson | Independent

Raf Manji | Independent

Claudia Reid | iCitz-Independent Citizens

Gary Wall | Independent City 1st – Did Not Reply

Andrew Yoon | Independent – Did Not Reply

Paul Young


Hagley/Ferrymead Ward Councillor

David Breen – Did Not Reply

Rod Cameron | Independent

Matthew Carpenter | Independent – Did Not Reply

Alexandra Davids | Independent Cityfirst

Nathan Durkin – Did Not Reply

Wendy Gilchrist | Independent

Wayne Hawker | Independent

Lisle Hood | Independent

Yani Johanson | The People’s Choice

Paul Lonsdale | Independent

Tracey McLellan | The People’s Choice

Islay McLeod | Independent


Riccarton/Wigram Ward Councillor

Helen Broughton | iCitz Independent Citizens – Did Not Reply

Vicki Buck | A Vote for me is a Vote for you

Walpole Wenping Chen | Independent – Did Not Reply

Jimmy Chen | The People’s Choice – Labour

Sara Harnett | The People’s Choice – Labour – Did Not Reply

Peter Laloli | iCitz Independent Citizens – Did Not Reply

Mike Mora | The People’s Choice – Labour – Did Not Reply


Shirley/Papanui Ward Councillor

Ngaire Button | Independent City 1st – Did Not Reply

Jonathan Corfe

Pauline Cotter | The People’s Choice – Labour

Ali Jones | Independent

Aaron Keown | Independent City 1st

Brad Maxwell | Independent

John Stringer | iCitz Independent Citizens


Spreydon/Heathcote Ward Councillor

Noeline Allan | Independent

Steve Bush | Independent

Jeremy Calcroft | Independent

Philip Clearwater | The People’s Choice – Labour – Did Not Reply

Erin Jackson | Awake At The Table

Karolin Potter | The People’s Choice – Did Not Reply

Melanie Riwai-Couch | Independent

Tim Scandrett | Independent


THE ELECTION: How to Enrol, and more info about the candidates

Voting papers will be arriving in letterboxes across Christchurch from Friday 20 September and may take up to five days to be delivered. If your papers don’t turn up by Thursday 26 September, you’re either not enrolled or your details are out of date.

People can enrol to vote in the 2013 elections up until Friday 11 October but, along with people who did not enrol before 16 August or have not updated their details, will have to cast a special vote and must contact the Christchurch elections hotline on 0508 440 017 . Special voting facilities will be available at:

  • Civic Offices, Ground Floor, 53 Hereford Street.
  • Shirley Service Centre, 36 Marshland Road.
  • Akaroa Service Centre, 28 Rue Jolie, Akaroa Recreation Ground.