Due to drizzle forecast for Saturday 4 – 7pm (ish) we decided on Friday to move this event to our rain day – SUNDAY. Same time, same place but warmer, nicer weather. Thank you!

In partnership with Dalman Architecture who used to be across the road on Durham Street pre-quake, Gap Filler is hosting a Spring Feast in the Pallet Pavilion on Saturday 12th October. A shared meal, it will be prepared by chef, Aliesha McGilligan (from Passengers and Co.) and feature a range of local produce.  This event builds on the success of the Autumnal Social Soup held in May this year.

The feast signals the end of the Pallet Pavilion’s Winter hibernation and return to form for the Spring and Summer season. It’s a chance to gather in the space, share delicious food and celebrate the Pavilion’s continuing presence in the city centre.

Starting at 5:30pm, the three-course meal will be accompanied with wine from Waipara Hills, beer from Cassels Brewery and hot chocolate from SHE Chocolat. There will be an auction as part of the festivities too, with selected artworks, jewellery, a Cassels Brewery tour and more up for grabs.  Any money raised on the night will go towards future Gap Filler initiatives.

Originally not meant to see another Spring and Summer, the Pallet Pavilion was retained for one more year after a successful PledgeMe campaign brought in over $80,000.  The money raised from the campaign pays for security, power and toilets needed to keep the space open as a venue, along with the creation of two roles forming the venue management team.  The Pallet Pavilion promises to be an exciting hub for cultural, musical and community events throughout the Summer months until it is finally taken down in May 2014.

Tickets are limited. $50 from Dash Tickets – http://www.dashtickets.co.nz/?/event/p4d09v3qt

Vegetarian and gluten-free friendly.