The Butterfly Gap was a collaborative creative workshop based on the site of a demolished house in Barbadoes St. 

Landowner Robyn wanted to activate the gap where a house she owned once stood. One of the tenants of the house died in the February 22 quake, so this was a special project for her. She asked Gap Filler to help get her started and she felt at a loss to know how to begin. We held a day-long clay/play workshop on her land on January 21, 2012 to kick start some creative action on site. More than 40 people came and helped out, including many children. Guided by two local artists, Gaby Montejo and Cheryl Lucas, visitors sculpted clay dwellings – real or fantastic – and placed them on the vacant site amongst some recently planted roses, creating a future city of sorts. Other projects involved painting fence palings in bright colours, scarecrow making and painting the bricks of the shed.

The final product was brilliant, and Robyn was pleased to have so much help in reinvigorating her vacant site, so she didn’t have to work on it alone.

Volunteers from Ballarat, Australia (Stacey, Gemma, Joe, Tim, Andrew and ?) had also helped earlier in the week, preparing the site for the workshop. They also gifted Robyn some brightly-coloured furniture for the site too at the end of their volunteer week here in Christchurch.

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