The pavilion has been open for nearly two weeks. Amy and Glen Jansen have been running it day to day, pulling some long hours while the Gap Filler crew take a break.

There have been a few issues:

1) Noise control were called by local residents who were upset about noise levels at about 9pm on a Saturday evening. We were making more noise than permitted by zoning regulations, so we are going to have to try and work around this and hopefully get a permit in the new year from the Council. I do wonder about people living in the ‘city’ though. ChCh has never been a raging metropolis, I know, but it was and will be again, a city. Cities are not quiet places. So if you want to live in peace and quiet, go live in the suburbs! Pre quakes, there were a lot more buildings around this area to absorb the sound, so that’s part of the problem – it just travels…

[Did anyone see the Al Nisbet cartoon in the Press!? Funny! There are a lot of people that love to lay in to the city council out there. But we’ve had a positive experience dealing with CCC on this project. As I said, we were making more noise than is permitted. It’s actually the people who complained who people should have their beef with in this instance!]

2) Security guards. Every time we want to have a bar at the pavilion (Thurs – Sat) we are required by the police liquor division to have a certified guard at EACH entrance. So 3! That means we have to pay a lot of money just to be able to serve beer and wine. It’s really frustrating because it means we have to in some ways, encourage heavier drinking to be able to make money to pay for the guard costs! Which is exactly what GF and the police don’t want. Sigh. So that’s another challenge.

But on the plus side we have lots of people coming through every day enthralled by the space! And the Teddy Bear’s Picnic event today was lovely with over 120 people coming through and about 30 kids. 🙂 And for NYE tonight we have the Frighteners by Peter Jackson playing from 9pm.

Happy New Year all! Thanks to all for their support on 2012. See you in 2013.