The Butterflies for Christchurch project invited the public to create paper butterflies and then distribute them around the city as symbols of hope and positivity. 

The project was instigated by Pascal Waldburger. She writes:

In October 2012, I arrived from Switzerland to Christchurch, for a short visit.

I was struck by the amazing amount of community driven projects that are taking place; how vibrant the spirit of the city feels. Inspired by many amazing people I met, I learnt that it’s not so much about what you do but rather that you get involved with your community. The butterfly project tries to make a positive visual contribution to symbolize the current changes in the city.

Every little thing makes a difference.

Merci Christchurch!

Pascal Waldburger, March Student ETH Zürich

Read more about the Butterflies for Christchurch Project and to download some beautiful templates