So today we’re meant to have a very grand event for our sponsors here in the Pavilion. Those of you in ChCh will laugh heartily as it’s raining! Hard.

So, the sponsor event we’d planned for tonight will be held tomorrow evening instead. Ah well, it gives us a bit of time to breathe. After the sponsors event, the Paper Scissors Rock Tournament will take place. Arrive by 8pm if you want to compete! A trophy is up for grabs, so get with it, people!!!

The Pavilion still doesn’t have its Certificate of Compliance from the Council, so the site isn’t yet open to the public and the perimeter fence is still up. If you come to the Tournament you’ll need to sign in and have site safety briefing. We really hope we get this certificate next week. But we shall see. Apparently it could take 20 working days – cripes!