Can you believe it? We’re thinking of calling it THE ROYAL DANCE-O-MAT!

Prince Charles and Camilla visited the Dance-O-Mat yesterday. Sam Johnson from the Student Volunteer Army brought Camilla over to the floor to have a dance and then brought her to the wonderful washing machine at the heart of the Dance-O-Mat. That’s where Coralie Winn (Gap Filler Co-Founder) was introduced to her and explained how the Dance-O-Mat works. Then, Prince Charles danced with a local woman for a wee while while Coralie and Ryan from Gap Filler twirled around in the background.

What a bizarre happening! So many people, so many papparazzi! They were all hanging around the Dance-O-Mat from early on because they knew it would be such a big photo-op. Lucky Gap Filler! And then when they arrived, they were everywhere. Such a strange experience. But it’s great to get so much international attention focussed n Christchurch’s creative recovery and the work of volunteers.

Read more about what the Dance-O-Mat is.

And it’s gone all around the world! Dance-O-Mat = world famous. 🙂