The tiny Gap Filler office was the result of a project by Dunedin-based organisation SHAC to build a sub-consent building in Christchurch. It was gifted to Gapfiller in January 2011. 

SHAC (Sustainable Habitat Challenge) from Dunedin are an organisation which aims to showcase sustainable building practices and get young people motivated to make a difference to their community. From Monday 23rd Jan until Saturday 28 Jan, SHAC worked with a small group of young people to build a sub-consent (10m² footprint in total) building on a vacant site in Sydenham. This was SHAC’s first Christchurch project. Part of what SHAC do is gift the wee building upon completion to a charity or not-for-profit organisation. Gap Filler were the lucky recipients on this occasion.

The people who built the office were a mix of professional builders and architects as well as people under the age of 24 who helped out, learning new skills throughout the week. Many of the materials used are recycled or recovered from demolitions. Steel and Tube, Pump House, Dulux, Clyde and Bennie, Skelly Holdings, Southern Demolition, Window Marketplace, Terra Lana, Addington Demolition, The Press and Christchurch Demolition and Salvage donated materials and the original site on Colombo St  was generously made available to us by Ascot TV. The office was moved to its current site at The Commons in November 2012.

BIIIIIG ups to Tim and Lani at SHAC and Regenerate for all their work. Thanks also to Nate at the White Elephant for putting us in touch.

Gap Filler Office build volunteers – Thank you for your hard work – Tim, Clayton, Barnaby, Barry, Florian, Ben, Emma, Lani, Ella, Alice, Amber, Rachel, Regan, Felicity, Alan, Nick, Seth, Naomi, the Australian volunteer group, Ants (from WE), Kerry and anyone else we forgot!

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