Internships and Learning

Gap Filler aims to catalyse creative action, empowering and inspiring others.

To us, the more people who want to make positive changes in their city, the better! Creating new vibrant projects is our main way of empowering and inspiring others (check out our portfolio page!) but we also work in a number of other ways to pass on our values and share our experiences to support others.


We love working with interns at Gap Filler. It allows us to share our thinking, our work and all our awesome experiences whilst contributing to the growth of someone’s career. You will have the chance to study, research, reflect and also do. It is a great opportunity to put learning into practice and Gap Filler provides a friendly, supportive environment in which to intern.

“The internship with Gap Filler was a life-changing experience. The structure of the organisation and the way of working put us right in the middle of the whole Christchurch transitional movement, doing projects we’d never even thought of doing and interacting with a colourful crowd of lovely people.”
Marta & Pauline, Copenhagen, 2014

 About the Internships

We prefer to use a ‘buddy’ system with our interns, i.e. at least two people (up to three) working on a project. We find this creates a more collaborative and supportive environment, as well as offering the best chance of success for the identified project. If you don’t have someone in mind we may be able to find you a buddy from our other applicants.

Internships are unpaid and we do not offer any contribution towards travel expenses to/from Christchurch or accommodation/living expenses whilst you are here. You will also need your own laptop/computer. We will however provide some budget towards your project idea and have plenty of advice about staying, living and having fun during your stay in Christchurch.

We prefer interns to approach us with specific projects. The nature of our work means we can’t just offer internships that ‘shadow’ staff. Once you have approached us and outlines your area if interest and initial idea, we will work with you to develop the project and ensure that your expectations are practical and realistic. We have identified some areas where we would like to see some work done (below) but are open to other suggestions if you have a sweet project in mind!

 Internship Opportunities

  • Artists/Designers – Our projects all have a ‘specific look’ – depending on what is coming up you could be responsible for designing this look or revamping one of the existing projects. As an artist you may also be interested in researching some aspect of our work and creating a piece of work in the city.
  • Web/software – We are continually looking to upgrade and innovate. You may be able to assist us in developing or upgrading some aspect of our operations or projects (existing or coming up!).
  • Anthropology/Social Sciences – We are at the forefront of transition in Christchurch. There is a massive amount of research that has and is still able to be undertaken in the city.
  • Surveying/Evaluation – Our projects are all developed to have differing purpose and impacts. Assessing these may be of interest to you.
  • Urban Planning/(landscape) Architecture – We have had strong ties to areas like Urban planning, architecture, landscape design etc since the very early days. Projects that incorporate these areas have been the focus for most of our interns.
  • Place-Making/Regeneration – As one of (if not the 😉 ) New Zealand’s leading placemaking organisations we are well-equipped to support interns in this area. We can support you through a new intervention in the city (based on need of course) so let your imagination go wild!


We take interns throughout the year for small or large projects as capacity allows. If you are interested in working with us as an intern send us an email to along with your CV and confirmation you are eligible to work in NZ.


Gap Filler is an urban regeneration initiative in Christchurch, New Zealand. Since we began in 2010, we have undertaken a range of projects from installations, to events to artworks, the creation of community spaces and temporary architecture. Gap Filler is one of New Zealand’s most prolific adaptive urbanism initiatives.

We are often approached to support research that people are doing. We are a tiny organisation and our inboxes get flooded frequently, but we’d still like to help. Please send through the questions you would like to ask and the timeframe in which you would to have them answered and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

We are trying to compile a comprehensive list of reserach that has been done about Gap Filler and our projects – this is a work in progress though so watch this space and in the meantime email us with your specific requests.


We have spearheaded many projects on the ground, and can talk about all the practicalities of project conception, delivery and activation. Our experiences range from creating small community spaces to building and running exploratory community centres, setting up new partner organisations and successfully advocating for regulatory and funding reform. We also have governance and start up experience.

As a result, over the years, we have been asked to advocate for both the community and the transitional partners. We want to continue our advocacy work; to put ourselves forward for things, take power, and help disperse it back into our communities.

If you need some help or support in work you are doing, contact us and we will discuss the options!