Kia ora! We are a registered charity and social enterprise and would appreciate any donations towards our placemaking work in Aotearoa. Any donation is tax deductible and we are happy to provide you with a receipt and recognise your donation. 

Where we came from
Gap Filler began shortly after the September earthquake in 2010, funded entirely by the founders, because it was something they all felt was important to do. The emails and Facebook posts that came flooding in indicated that the people of Christchurch, and around New Zealand and the world, also saw the value of these temporary interventions. So we persisted.

In order to establish a team and ensure that Christchurch’s gaps continue to be filled we founded the Gap Filler Charitable Trust in early 2011. Gradually we were able to raise funding through grants and donations that have enabled us to employ seven staff (approx 4FTE), build our own HQ and create a range of unique and exciting projects in and around Christchurch.  Please go to our Portfolio page to see more detail on some of the 150+ projects we have realised since our inception.

Where we are now
Gap Filler has evolved and changed a great deal over the years. As well as our local work in Ōtautahi/Christchurch, we undertake fee for service placemaking work around Aotearoa working with local government, communities and private developers to create public realm that is accessible, playful and connected to the community. This provides much of our income. We also receive an annual grant from Christchurch City Council to support our charitable projects Ōtautahi/Christchurch. But as is often the case, there’s always a shortfall. So any donations of cash or in-kind support such as materials and equipment are always gratefully received and we will do our best to acknowledge your support publicly if you so wish. 

We believe there would be a gap in the city if we didn’t fill it with our projects so we are committed to continuing our work, leading by example and evolving as the city develops. We’re also committed to supporting the communities, groups, organisations and individuals that have come to rely on and benefit from the work that we do. We are also consciously developing our own socially-minded supply chain in terms of how we procure services, working with groups like Te Whare Roimata and the City Mission and other contractors who share some of our values and vision. 

Kia ora and thanks for your interest in what we do. 

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