Gap Filler began shortly after the September earthquake in 2010, funded entirely by the founders, because it was something we all felt was important to do. The emails and Facebook posts that came flooding in indicated that the people of Christchurch, and around New Zealand and the world, also saw the value of these temporary interventions. So we persisted.

In order to establish a team and ensure that Christchurch’s gaps continue to be filled we   founded a the Gap Filler Charitable Trust in 2011.  Gradually we were able to raise funding through grants and donations that have enabled the Trust to employ six staff, build our own HQ and create a range of unique and exciting projects in and around Christchurch.  Please go to out Current and Previous pages to see more detail on the 40+ projects we have realised since our inception.

Support for Gap Filler comes in many ways. This is because there are many things that need said support!  Essentially we look for two streams of income, long term (bigger amounts) and short-term(relatively small amounts).  The long-term funding keeps the charity and the core team established in the city, gives our staff as much job security as possible and pays for our office paper/pens/staples etc! The short-term funding is for our projects, which are themselves spontaneous and temporary so rarely require large amounts of cash to create and maintain (Pallet Pavilion excepted!)

For our core costs; staff wages, administration, utilities, paper, pens and sticky tape we generally apply for grants from Christchurch City Council, Creative NZ and various trusts and foundations.

For our project costs we often have to break it down between cash and in-kind support that each project needs.  For instance, for the Dance O Mat we had a washing machine, steel poles, paint and ply wood for the floor and an electrician’s time donated but we needed some cash to pay for the awesome design work, speakers, maintenance and more.

Then we have on-going initiatives, like our Education Programme where we have projects within a particular programme of work.  This means we have long term costs related to the running of the programme but also individual project costs, and with this we will look for cash and in-kind support from trusts and foundations as well as corporate sponsorship and donations.

It is important to include here that Gap Filler receives a HUGE amount of support from the hundreds of volunteers who give time, energy and resources to the charity and projects every day of the year.  It’s hard to quantify this but we estimate that 400+ people have volunteered for Gap Filler over the years and we’d guess 5000+ hours of time have been donated through this.

We believe there would be a gap in the city if we didn’t fill it with our projects so we are committed to continuing our work,leading by example and evolving as the city develops. We’re also committed to supporting the communities, groups, organisations and individuals that have come to rely on and benefit from the work that we do.  In order to do that we need funding so we would like to invite anyone who has something to give to Gap Filler to contact us.  We are looking for grants, donations, in-kind and cash sponsorship, materials and resources and volunteers.

If you have any of these to send our way, please contact

One last thing to mention is that because we are a registered charity, any donations given to the Gap Filler Trust are tax deductible for you and we can provide a receipt for tax purposes if you’d like one.

Thank you for your interest and support in Gap Filler.



For information on the organisations and companies who have and currently support us please go to our Supporters page