The Commons Shelter Challenge

You might remember one of our projects from last year, The Commons Shelter Challenge. About six months ago we made the tough decision to discontinue this project and not build the winning entry, The Dock.

The Commons Challenge

After taking some time to wrap things up and reflect a little, we decided we wanted to share the story and our learnings with the everyone. We didn’t think people would find our internal reports too interesting so we decided to commission a cartoon! A cartoon, we thought, would be a safe, fun and maybe funny format that would allow people to admit fallibility in a way that allowed us to also share some of the things we learned. After many conversations and much re-reading of project docs, and with massive thanks to artist Hannah Beehre, here is the finished product (PDF)!

You will need to check this out on a big screen (there’s a lot to take in) and we would love your feedback so email us at with your comments! Enjoy!