Gap Filler Supporters

Gap Filler aims to make all their projects free to the local community and visitors for whom they were created. This means we make little or no money on our projects, and where we do make money from events we invest it all back into project costs.  We are reliant on the generous support and vision of organisations, companies and individuals who give us cash and/or resources. If you would like to support Gap Filler please go to our Donate page.

Here we would like to acknowledge and thank the many Gap Filler supporters.

Ongoing collaborators

Life in Vacant Spaces
Greening the Rubble

Principal funder

Our principal funder is the Christchurch City Council. Their continued support helps us pay for the core costs of running the charity.

Christchurch City Council

Gap Filler partners

These companies and organisations have committed to support us long-term:

Kendons Chartered Accountants
Catchlight Design
Buddle Findlay Lawyers
Resolve Digital

Gap Filler supporters

These companies provide ongoing support for many of our projects.  Each project page within our Previous and Current headings will show which projects were supported by who.

Urban Paving
Aotea Electrical
Aotea Electrical
Sign Displays