LEOTC Risk Management Assessment System (RAMS)

An up-to-date RAMS form will be shared with you via Google Docs with specific reference to the activity / tour your class will be undertaking. You will need to add your class details and share any specific needs or issues that we should be aware of prior to your visit.

  1. Teachers should note that a document will be developed to assist in the identification of hazards for your planning purposes.
  2. Gap Filler cannot be responsible for the risk assessment for you or your students.
  3. Teachers must be responsible for assessing the potential risks and hazards associated with their visit.
  4. Contact Gap Filler educator, Sally Airey, if you have any questions regarding risk assessment in preparation for your visit.

The Purpose of Risk Assessment

  1. To identify all possible hazards
  2. To identify measures that will prevent and/or minimise all possible hazards
  3. To identify the action that will control and minimise the extent of injury in the event of an emergency

Exemplar RAMS (PDF)

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