Create and Contribute

After completing our Connect and Participate programme, students can experience a deeper connection with the city by contributing to an existing Gap Filler project or creating their own new project with positive community outcomes in mind.  

Year Level: New Entrant to Year 13

Curriculum: Level 1-13

Available all year:  We are currently seeking an indoor meeting space for terms 2&3.

Times: Morning or afternoon times to be confirmed on booking.

Length: 45 min upwards to be discussed according to time available and needs.

Meeting place: Depending on the focus we can meet at the project, at your school, or a predetermined venue. To be discussed on booking.

Cost: Free New Entrant to Year 8, Yr 9 – 13 + (tertiary and internationals) we ask for a contribution to costs dependant on decile.

Numbers: One class at a time up to 30 students at any one time.    

Requirements: Closed in shoes, water bottle and appropriate dress for the weather.  

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Programme Outline

Key Concepts: Community, identity, sustainability, creativity, contribution to society, rights and responsibility, taking action, collaboration, leadership, experimentation.

Possible activities include:

  • Volunteering on one of our projects (see calendar for more details);
  • Trialling and giving feedback on one of the projects that is still in development (see calendar for opportunities);
  • Reviewing and monitoring existing or adding to existing projects; or
  • Creating new projects in response to community needs, or for your school or local community.



Optional extra for Y4-13 Programme – pizza lunch $7 / student

Students help to make pizza in our outdoor pizza oven and share/ enjoy their mahi.
We provide dough, basic tomato paste, and cheese toppings. Gluten and Dairy free options available (this may incur extra charges). Students will be split into groups and given a task to help prepare pizza.
Optional: BYO toppings to contribute.

Curriculum links

Key Competencies:

  1. Thinking – Students will use creative, critical and metacognitive processes to make sense of their experience and how communities can contribute to our city.
  2. Managing self – We aim to empower students by presenting them with engaging, interactive activities and providing a role model with a ‘can do’ attitude.
  3. Connecting and participating – Students are involved in planning and creating a community project or volunteering with a community organisation that contributes to the city, their school or local community.

Examples of Programmes We Run

Making an Idea Real

Making an Idea Real tells the story of Gap Filler and focuses on one project – where the idea came from, who it was for and what was involved in making it a reality. This programme helps to raise discussions about local context, the value of collaboration and how to take action in your own community as well as applying creative and critical thinking skills (Science & Technology).

Example of Making an Idea Real

At Shirley Primary we took a closer look at Diverscity and in particular the Ping Pong and Mancala phases that were the result of working with Chinese and Nigerian communities. We discussed games that students would like to develop for their playground, worked in small groups to develop ideas and then trialled them with a variety of sports equipment. We hope that they can develop some of their ideas into real projects next term.

So relevant to the kids. All about them and their environment.

Teacher, Shirley Primary

Gap Filler adds fun, cheap activities to do when in the city. It contributes to bringing people into the city and to try new things and it helps to connect everyone together.


Co[DE] Create

Co[DE] Create gives the students an in depth look at the Super Street Arcade project and the games developed for it. The programme provides an opportunity for students to respond to a brief and develop a new game for Super Street Arcade and meet local game developers. It encourages discussions about designing for a client, responding to a local context and creating games for an audience in a public space.

Students can trial new games, give feedback to games online, or develop a character or a whole new game. We hope to be able to offer this opportunity again in 2018 (Digital Technology).

Example of Co[DE] Create

Nine teams from Burnside, Papanui and Lincoln High Schools are developing new games for Super Street Arcade (SSA) as part of their their NCEA levels 2 & 3 (Digital Technology).  After visiting SSA, the teams responded to a brief, and presented their innovative game concepts to a panel of experts from Gap Filler and CerebralFix (game developers of Attack of the Cones). The games are being tested online before going live on the SSA system in October.  

The opportunity the students have to work with a real client that it is linked in with the community. Great to actually see the Super Street Arcade in action giving context. It is a project that you can get really excited about doing.


Open City

 Open City provides an opportunity for students to contribute local experiences to an online database that shares sweet free things to do in our City. Encouraging discussion about how people place value on things in their city, how people connect with people and places and how this project contributes to identity and community wellbeing (Health & Social Sciences).

Example of Open City

Year 12 Health students from Papanui and Hillmorton High School, trialled, gave feedback and contributed ideas to Open City whilst the project was in development.  See the learning opportunities attached for ideas of how you can use this project to share the sweet things to do in your school and local community.

I really enjoyed trialling out the new project (Open City). I think it is a great idea to share people’s ideas about what they like to do in the city.


Opportunities to contribute to Gap Filler's projects 2017

East Frame
Gap Filler is facilitating temporary, community use of the East Frame in the city over the next 2 and a half years. There are lots of volunteer opportunities to help us develop a diverse range of community led projects in the East Frame. We are finalising the details of some exciting opportunities for art and design students for next year.

Sound Garden Design Challenge
We would like some new musical instruments for Sound Garden - could you design us an instrument out of up-cycled materials?

Would your students like to raise support and money for ideas/projects within your school community and have the opportunity to prepare bread and soup for a crowd? SOUP is a fun, interesting event where people get excited about ideas, vote on their favourite project idea and the winner goes home with a pot of money on the night. We can even share our model and support you to run the event!


Now that I have learnt what Gap Filler does, I can’t stop thinking of ideas. Every time I see an empty space, I imagine what I could turn it into.


It is so much fun learning ‘real life’ things. I think I might be a city planner or work with Gap Filler when I leave school.


The students have learned an enormous amount in such a short period of time. They have learned project management, budgeting, negotiation skills, working cooperatively as part of a team, research skills, and presentation and communication skills. Having an ‘expert’ as in Sally to provide answers along the way has given the pupils real motivation and they have often said how empowered they feel.


I have learnt that even though I am not very good at talking about my ideas, I can now draw concept plans (like Gap Filler ones) and everyone thinks they are cool, and people want to know what my ideas are.


This is the coolest thing I have done at school. The visit into see the Gap Filler sites and meet Sally made me realise that I can make a difference to our city, even though I am just a kid.


I believe that it is absolutely critical that the youth of Christchurch are given the opportunity to have a voice through visual communication or creative expression, especially in the public arena where they can be heard; they need to know that what they have to say matters and is valued. Gap Filler are able to provide students with this opportunity.