Connect and Participate

Students meet with community organisation Gap Filler, consider what makes a city, visit and explore the selected project(s) through music, dance, sport and play and consider the organisation’s role / responsibility in making the city through interactive activities.

Year Level: New Entrant to Year 13

Curriculum: Level 1-13

Available all year:  Please note that this programme is primarily based in outdoor public spaces with limited shelter. If the weather is inclement we may need to postpone. We are currently seeking an indoor meeting space for terms two and three.

Times: Morning or afternoon times to be confirmed on booking

Length: 45 min upwards to be discussed according to time available and needs

Meeting place: The Commons (corner of Kilmore and Durham Streets) T1 and 4 or alternative site to be discussed on booking.  

Cost: Free New Entrant to Year 8, Yr 9 – 13 + (tertiary and internationals) we ask for contribution to costs dependant on decile

Numbers: One class at a time up to 30 students at any one time.    

Requirements: Closed in shoes, water bottle and appropriate dress for the weather.  

Book a programme

Programme Outline

Key Concepts: Community, identity, sustainability, creativity, contribution to society, rights and responsibility, taking action, collaboration, leadership, experimentation.

Possible activities include: Discovering projects and the community that creates and maintains them

For Example: A visit to The Commons (community, collaboration) on the corner of Kilmore and Durham Streets – a safe and comprehensive example of this sector – where we will choose several activities together that are fun, engaging and fulfil your learning objectives. Great for shorter timeframes and/or younger students.

 Success Criteria Examples:

  • Name a community group and how it has contributed to the city
  • Identify at least one project on site
  • Describe one way they have connected with others today
  • Benefits of collaborating/working together to make a better project/city
  • Additional related to specific learning objectives.


Guided tour of Gap Filler projects including discussion and hands-on interaction

For Example: A tour of Dance-O-Mat (creativity, arts, health) where we will discuss the project’s inception, the needs it fills and then boogie on down to the music chosen by your students. Then onto the Ping Pong project (cultural diversity, collaboration) where we play a lively game of round the world followed by a discussion of the project’s development and next steps for Diverscity. Lastly, we visit Super Street Arcade (identity, play, leadership) where students enjoy the giant thrills of the hugely-proportioned video game and consider the place of play in the city and the impacts of positive action.

 Success Criteria Examples:

  • Give at least one reason why Christchurch is special
  • Name a community group and how it has contributed to the city
  • Identify at least one project and describe what it provides people in the city
  • Explain how connecting with the city gives them a sense of belonging / identity
  • Additional related to specific learning objectives


Optional Extra for Y4-13 Programme: Pizza lunch $7 / student

Students help to make pizza in our outdoor pizza oven and share / enjoy their mahi.

We provide dough, basic tomato paste, and cheese toppings. GF & Dairy free options available (this may incur extra charges). Students will be split into groups and given a task to help prepare pizza.
Optional: BYO toppings to contribute.


There are heaps more projects and loads of different experiences – do contact us to discuss your specific needs and/or for resource sheets of individual projects and the activities available at each.


Curriculum Links

Key Competencies:

  1. Thinking – Students will use creative, critical and metacognitive processes to make sense of their experience and how communities can contribute to our city.
  2. Managing self – We aim to empower students by presenting them with engaging, interactive activities and provide a role model with a ‘can-do’ attitude.
  3. Connecting and participating – Students are involved in planning and creating a community project or volunteering with a community organisation that contributes to the city, their school or local community.


Learning Areas:


We have supported schools in a wide variety of ways to meet a wide range of learning objectives accross multiple learning areas. Here are some specific objectives we have supported in the past. We have supported others and feel there is potential to explore more – get in contact!

Examples of Programmes We Run

Making an Idea Real

Making an Idea Real tells the story of Gap Filler and focuses on one project – where the idea came from, who it was for and what was involved in making it a reality. This programme helps to raise discussions about local context, the value of collaboration and how to take action in your own community as well as applying creative and critical thinking skills (Science & Technology).


St Martins Primary Year 6 & 7 students were inspired by the story of how Super Street Arcade and Cycle Powered Cinema was created at the beginning of their science and innovation inquiry. Gap Filler led the students on a tour of the city and looked at some our current projects considering what was involved in creating them.

The kids loved the ping pong table and the street arcade! The educator made specific links to our learning objectives.

Teacher, St Martins

It was great to go into the city and explore things I haven’t seen before – it was fun…


Opportunities to contribute to Gap Filler's projects 2017

East Frame
Gap Filler is facilitating temporary, community use of the East Frame in the city over the next 2 and a half years. There are lots of volunteer opportunities to help us develop a diverse range of community led projects in the East Frame. We are finalising the details of some exciting opportunities for art and design students for next year.

Sound Garden Design Challenge
We would like some new musical instruments for Sound Garden - could you design us an instrument out of up-cycled materials?

Would your students like to raise support and money for ideas/projects within your school community and have the opportunity to prepare bread and soup for a crowd? SOUP is a fun, interesting event where people get excited about ideas, vote on their favourite project idea and the winner goes home with a pot of money on the night. We can even share our model and support you to run the event!


Thank you for showing us around the Sound Garden – I learnt that you can make music with anything.

Yr 3 Student

It was important to work with Gap Filler as it engaged students in a local event.  Students liked the small scale accessibility of the projects which students engaged with in their own time. Students were interested in how to get involved.

Geography Teacher

A real education about what is happening in the city. It was good to get out of our corner of Christchurch and visit the city and get involved.

Intermediate Teacher

I never knew town was so awesome. I loved how the boombox was made out of a washing machine!

Yr 5 Student

Gap Filler’s contribution in terms of innovative ways to increase community well-being is unparalleled


Thank you for being so accommodating and enthusiastic in helping to get our children out and about in the city via Gap Filler…. This was the perfect way to introduce our Arts terms by immersing them in “real life” art and how it connects our people and places.

Primary Teacher