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Consulting widely across NZ, and with international experience in Australia, the UK, Denmark, USA, Taiwan and Nepal, the Gap Filler team have proven themselves fast and adept thinkers, great at assessing scenarios and extracting the relevant and transferable lessons from their own experience to provide a bit of guidance.

Our team and networks are massively multidisciplinary, bringing together a broad range of experiences and perspectives. Our team members have degrees and experience in Accounting, Architecture, Art History, Education, Engineering, Film, Health Science (Public Health and Mental Health and Wellbeing), Philosophy, Political Science, Resource Management, Sociology, Theatre and much more – and all of these disciplines feed into our values, what we do and how we think about and describe our work.

Gap Filler has played a wide range of roles on clients’ projects: providing a bit of inspiration, running some pointed workshops, developing a strategic framework or proposing an entire programme of activity and organisational structure to house it. Our recent clients include Fletcher Living; Auckland Council Urban Design Team; Adelaide City Council Place-Making
Team; City of Fremantle; Port Macquarie Hastings Council (NSW); Shell Harbour Council (NSW); Yarra Ranges Council (VIC); Siddhartha Arts Foundation (Nepal); Copenhagen University (Denmark); and Collaborative O, Strategic Planning Consultant Company (Taipei).


A Dance-O-Mat for your City?

We’ve created a How-To manual for how to create a Dance-O-Mat

East Frame Engagement & Placemaking Strategy

Services Offered

Advise local and national governments on how to establish place-making programmes and foster community activities
Help people to generate civic projects and deliver great outcomes
Work with and advise groups on civic projects
Work with developers and architects to add value to their developments and to their communities
Design processes and strategies for co-creation
Give talks, keynotes and lectures
Run and facilitate workshops
Initiate and directly implement projects
Help to develop or improve corporate social responsibility and workplace wellbeing programmes


The existence of Gap Filler and the work that Gap Filler has done is probably the most profound metaphor I have ever come across in civic life, for what it means to be a citizen. Eric Liu

CEO and Founder, Citizen University (Seattle)

These are serious people with the creative and collaborative energy to really make a difference to the future of our cities and I would highly recommend them for any process where a real engagement and commitment is sought with social and creative forces that will shape our futures. Jon King

Architect Director, Design King Company P/L (Sydney)

Gap Filler may just be the silver lining on the clouds of Christchurch’s tragic earthquakes. It has given life to new forms of participatory, experimental urbanism. It has empowered citizens and built community. Gap Filler’s model is inspiring the world. I hope it will shape Christchurch’s permanent fabric for years to come. Charles Montgomery

Author, Happy City: Transforming our lives through Urban Design (Vancouver)

In the last five and a half years, Gap Filler has been responsible for some of the most creative and significant projects in post-quake Christchurch. Inspiring, humorous, and soulful, they have brought life to diverse spaces, but most importantly they have done this by involving communities in the collaborative recreation of the city. They have been key in the exploration of what genuine, responsive, adaptive co-creation of the new city could look like, and in promoting awareness that the process through which projects are conceived and developed is at least as, if not more, important than the physical outcome in catalysing regeneration and building communities. They can convey the key principles of the co-creative approach in a concise and appealing way to a wide range of people, including elected representatives and senior executives. Ingrid Gunby

Director, Potent (Christchurch)

Thank you for being an absolute star at the SEEDS Conference last week. Your presentation was fantastic – thought provoking, inspirational and entertaining too! Kerry Bennett

Research Project Officer, SEEDS (Sheffield, UK)

Ryan, from Gap Filler, presented at the Resilient Organisations’ 30-person retreat in late 2015. Our event theme was ‘building networks and social capital’ and we see Gap Filler as an organisation that exemplifies this theme. Ryan provided a fresh perspective and fabulous insights for our small group of researchers and practitioners. The audience was spell-bound and was left feeling inspired to challenge the way we view networks. We all felt that Ryan’s presentation was one of the highlights of the retreat. Dr. Charlotte Brown

Senior Research Fellow, Resilient Organisations

Every once in awhile you meet amazing people who shift your mindset and set your thinking on a new path. Ryan and his incredible Gap Filler Team are some of those. Inspired by what I had seen in Christchurch I contacted Ryan with a vision of establishing a new Place Activation team within the Auckland Design Office and commissioned him to produce a think piece for us around city activation and possible strategies to implement. Today we have three incredible X factor staff operating like creative innovation agents stimulating pop up activation across our central city: working with the community and business, bringing streets and places alive… restoring the lost mojo. Our exciting activation journey has just begun and Gap Filler and Ryan lit the touch paper. Ludo Campbell-Reid

Design Champion, Auckland Council (New Zealand)

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